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Puzlogic is a unique logic puzzle game inspired by sudoku and kakuro (cross sums).

To complete puzzles you must drag the available numbers on the bottom to the free spaces above, following the provided rules.
With its minimalistic style and relaxing music, it features 64 puzzles with increasing difficulty and complexity.

“If you’re a puzzle fan and own any type of Windows, MacOS or even Linux computer, you need to pick up Puzlogic today and give it a shot.” 


  • Unique puzzle game with familiar rules
  • 64 handcrafted puzzles
  • Notation on free spaces
  • Simple drag and drop gameplay
  • Ambient sounds and background effects
  • Peaceful music

You can play a web demo of the game here. It's an early version, so some features are missing.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

PuzLogic_Linux 1_0_2.zip 59 MB
PuzLogic_Win 1_0_2.zip 59 MB
PuzLogic_Macos 1_0_3.zip 46 MB

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Great game! 

[Spoilers] There's a small typo:

At the end it says "Did you really got here?" It should be "get"

Thank you for this lovely game, I really enjoyed it a lot. Well recommended if you like math puzzles!

Chrome seems to think the Mac download is unsafe. =( Any idea why? I just clicked Keep anyway.

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I think chrome always says that about downloading programs (.exe, .app, .sh). If you are worried, you can also install using the itch.io app: https://itch.io/app

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Occasionally I'll get a white screen when opening the game, usually if I have multiple monitors connected. I can alt-tab to the game, but can't interact with anything. Is there a fix for this? This is on Windows 10



This may be a bug related to resolution detection when having multiples monitors connected.

I'll check this, but in the meanwhile you can try to force windowed mode. Go to the folder "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\PuzLogic" (replace C with your drive's letter and YOUR_USER with the user name) and in settings.ini change FULL_SCREEN="1.000000" to FULL_SCREEN="0.000000".

I hope it works and I'll let you know when I have a fix for this.



This game is kicking my brain's ass and I love it! Definitely the best sudokulike I've played so far. Do you have any recommendations for more like this?

Also, I really wish I could draw and write notes on the screen, that would be immensely helpful. I'm at level 44 and taking notes on screenshots is the only way I can wrap my head around the puzzles now.


I'm really enjoying this game! Thanks for adding it to the bundle!

Level 20 is unsolvable as is -- at the intersection of the sums 11 and 18, the only two options are 9/2 and 8/3 -- there is only one 9 so that doesn't fit without duplicating numbers in the top row, and if 8/3 is used, there is not a third 3 in the bank to make the 6 sum work at the right.

i was stuck on this one too - remember there's a 1 way off to the right


oooooooooh interesting. Will go back, thanks!

The Mac download doesn't appear to run at all :o(

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Sorry about that. 

I found the issue and I will be fixing it in the following days.

Thanks for the heads up.

Edit: Fixed! Let me know if you have any other issue :)